This application (Import Tool by JotForm) helps you to copy your forms and form responses from your Google Drive® to your JotForm account. Import Tool by JotForm will be referred to as "this app" on this privacy statement.

Your Personal Information

To authorize the app, you will sign in to your Google® account, review the permissions needed by this app, and accept them to proceed.

This app will not store, share, or copy your personal information in any way. Your login information is used to authorize this app in facilitating the form and form data migration process.

Session Information

The app will take snapshots of active integration sessions. Your JotForm information will be saved alongside the session data, and will be used to increase efficiency and to maintain a qualitative service experience. Your JotForm information is governed by the JotForm privacy policy and terms of use.

Google Forms® and Form Submission Information

This app helps you to copy your Google® Forms and form data into your JotForm account. Your forms and form data will be copied into your JotForm account, and are consequently governed by the JotForm privacy policy and terms of use.

This application is developed by JotForm, and has no affiliation with Google®, Google LLC, nor its affiliates and trademarks.